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Technology Driven
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Technology driven
Empower the human resources industry with technology driven, build a general basic platform for the HR industry, use the blockchain technology of the main chain+parallel chain architecture to store data in a decentralized manner, use artificial intelligence multi neuron in-depth learning to complete intelligent responses under massive information consulting, and access the Alibaba Cloud platform to achieve the basic security, data security, application security, business security, and account security of the system. On the basis of the basic platform and the information bus channel, we have developed four business platforms, namely, ATS Easy Recruitment, One Code Personnel, New Personnel, and Win Cloud Flexible Employment. We have obtained dozens of national soft books and intellectual property rights, provided the industry with overall solutions, and built the core competitiveness of enterprises in the digital era.
Technology Architecture
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Technical advantages
Three technology platforms
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    Easy recruitment
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    New personnel
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    Win It All Cloud
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Easy recruitment: blue collar recruitment digital system
Easy recruitment ATS focuses on blue collar recruitment of large manufacturing enterprises, empowers human resource management with science and technology, and is based on omni channel social and all staff recruitment services. It can solve the difficulties faced by large manufacturing enterprises in blue collar recruitment management in multiple ways, help enterprises use digital technology to manage large-scale recruitment, from employment demand management, release of recruitment information, intelligent matching of people and posts, internal and external recommendations, establishment of enterprise talent pool, interview process management Evaluate interview results and other aspects of recruitment management to achieve comprehensive management of the enterprise recruitment process.
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    Job seeker management

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    Recruitment management

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    Channel management

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    Interview management

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    Financial management

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    Points management

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New personnel
New HR HRO is a HR outsourcing service cloud platform driven by Internet big data, which helps HR service institutions improve service efficiency and build their own service brands. The platform helps HR service institutions achieve internal and external business collaboration processes. It realizes enterprise operation and management analysis by standardizing, processing, online and visualizing offline basic HR management business scenarios, and improves management efficiency and value, Realize business empowerment and management optimization, and promote enterprise digital transformation.
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    Employee management

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    Multi entity electronic signature

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    Social insurance
    provident fund

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    Salary management

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    Financial management

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    Customer management

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Win It All Cloud
The Cloud Internet flexible employment integration service platform aims to integrate online and offline resources of human resources, serve the needs of enterprises, part-time workers and freelancers, and build a flexible employment platform centered on "enterprises" and "job seekers", based on a variety of service forms such as part-time, flexible employment, labor services, etc., to transform the traditional employment model "enterprise+employees" into a new employment model "enterprise+platform+individuals", The enterprise releases crowdsourcing tasks in the cloud, accepts the results after the task is completed, pays the settlement money to the platform, and obtains the special VAT invoice; The concurrent cloud platform subcontracts enterprise tasks to freelancers or part-time workers, settles the task payment after the task is completed, and withholding and remitting individual income tax; Part timers or freelancers undertake tasks after obtaining both the cloud platform real name registration certification and the online signing tripartite agreement, and obtain commissions for task settlement after the task is completed.
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    Personnel information management

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    Task classification management

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    Transaction amount and settlement management

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    Record time management

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    Data risk control management

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    Delivery system management

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